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Frequently Asked Questions


What are eyelash extensions?

Very thin false lashes are carefully applied to your natural lash 0.05mm - 1mm away from your eyelid. The adhesive should never touch your skin. These are waterproof, semi-permanent extensions.

Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

With proper isolation, appropriate choice of weight (length and extension diameter), proper aftercare and touch ups done every 2-3 weeks, lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes. If anything, we do more damage applying and removing strip lashes and mascara! Lash extensions encourage you to keep your hands away from fiddling with your lashes. There is no need to "take a break" from the extensions unless you are unable to keep up with the maintenance touch ups or you are wanting to have a permanent eyeliner tattoo done.

How long do lash extensions last?

Our lifestyle, natural lash growth cycle and maintenance schedule vary from person to person. There are many factors affecting one's retention rate - makeup style, skin oiliness/dryness, preference for daily makeup, hormonal birth control use, tendency to sleep on one's stomach, willingness to clean lashes often, etc. As a general rule, lashes should last between 2 and 6 weeks. To stay full and neat, they need a touch up every 2 weeks to replace lashes that have shed and lashes that have grown out. Some women are able to push their touch up to 3 weeks if they have a slow growth cycle. Consult with your lash technician to confirm at what frequency to book your touch ups.

Should I do anything to prepare for my appointment?

Yes! Please avoid excessive caffeine before your appointment. If you are used to a set amount each day that is alright but having an extra cup of coffee or an energy drink before our appointment will make your eyes and body jittery. This will slow down the application process and will make it difficult to complete the service. Turn your phone on silent so that you may fully relax. You won't be able to check it while we are applying your lashes. Do not tint lashes the day of your appointment. Please avoid mascara, eyeliner and strip lashes for 24-48 hours before your appointment. Mascara or strip lash glue may take a few days to be fully removed. Debris on lashes can cause premature shedding of lash extensions because the adhesive will bond to the makeup and not your eyelash. Please wash your lashes and eyelids thoroughly with facial cleanser, soap or baby shampoo the morning of our appointment or directly before.
How to do it: Wet lashes. Use a clean, soft and fluffy eyeshadow crease brush. Dip brush into lash cleanser and rub eyelid in a buffing motion. Brush lashes downward in a sweeping motion to get between the base of the lashes.
Baby shampoo or oil free cleanser can be used. Makeup debris, oils, moisturizers or flakes of skin on lashes can cause premature shedding of the lash extensions and will greatly slow down the application process. Lash cleaning is a $20 service that I will add to your appointment if you choose to arrive with anything on your lashes. Wearing mascara or waterproof makeup is not recommended while wearing lash extensions.

Can I bring my boyfriend, mom, child or dog? They’ll wait quietly?

No. Please do not bring extra people or pets.

How much time will eyelash extensions take to apply?

Plan for up to 3 hours for the consultation and initial new set and up to 2 hours every 2 weeks after that. Extra time in the morning to sleep in, exercise, enjoy breakfast or get the kids ready for school makes it well worth it! I will be playing music softly but feel free to bring your headphones and listen to music or your favourite podcast. Treat this time as time to relax, meditate or reflect. Most people drift off to sleep and wake up to beautiful lashes!

Should I choose classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume lashes?

It can be difficult to decide what type of lash extensions to start with on your own. The best way to go about it is to bring a picture of the look you want, and I will take a look at your natural lashes and let you know which type of lash extensions will get us closest to achieving that look. Many people start out with classic or hybrid lashes and upgrade to light volume, full volume or mega volume with time. Nothing is set in stone as lash extensions are semi-permanent. You may choose a style to start out with and change it over to another style every time you get your touch up done. It will take 2 or 3 touch up appointments to fully change over to another style. Not to worry, mixing styles often creates beautiful texture. Classic extensions are good for people who have a lot of natural lashes. The extension used for this style is 0.15mm in diameter. It is meant for 1 on 1 application and is, therefore, stiffer and less forgiving than a thinner, more flexible lash meant for volume extensions. Classic extensions can take on a spidery look as they grow out but can be very understated, subtle, and pretty with timely 2-week touch ups. Hybrid extensions are a mix of classic extensions and volume extensions. Volume is when your technician hand makes a fan out of very thin lashes and then applies it to your natural lash. Hybrid extensions appear a bit fuller than classic lashes and have slightly better retention. Volume extensions have even better retention and are highly customizable. The extensions used for these lashes are 0.10mm, 0.07mm, 0.06mm and 0.05mm in diameter. Two - six false lashes are handmade into a fan and then applied. The bond between these extensions and the natural lash is very good as the extensions wrap around the lash. These extensions are very forgiving and flexible - they are less likely to pop off but will move with your lashes. This is a good option for women who want to have full lashes for the full two weeks. Mega volume extensions have the best retention of all. These extensions are 0.03mm in diameter and are the thinnest, most light option. Up to 15 false lashes are applied. Looks can be customized from a dense, dark lash line to airy and feathery. This option is good for women who want to push their touch ups to 3-week intervals and want to have full looking lashes for the entire 2 or 3 weeks. Touch up appointments for this style are the least time consuming of the four types.

Do you use pre-made fans for volume?

No, I do not use pre-made fans or cluster lashes. Clusters are meant for short term use with temporary adhesive. There is nothing wrong with pre-made fans but I am unable to customize each fan to your natural lash. I hand make all fans for volume on the spot.

I brushed my lashes and 3 fell off! Help??

Please remember that we shed 3-5 natural lashes a day. They will be more noticeable if you have extensions applied. It is normal for a few lash extensions to pop off with brushing. This is why we fill every lash possible so that it will still be full if you lose 3-5 a day. Lash extensions are not implants but semi-permanent enhancements that are meant to be touched up every 2 weeks.

Can I postpone my two or three week touch up and come in at 3.5 weeks? I still have so many extensions left!

No. Touch ups are to be done before 21 days since your last full set or touch up for hybrid or volume and no longer than 14 days after for classics. This is because when your lash grows more than 2mm, the extension must be removed. The distribution of weight on the natural lash changes and it becomes top-heavy. It will begin to twist and turn, putting a strain on your root which will become sore and can cause follicle damage and downward growing natural lashes. You should arrive at your touch up with 50% or more of your extensions remaining because many of those lashes will be outgrown and will need removing and replacing by your technician.
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