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Lashes Aftercare


  • You may wet your extensions the day of application but please do not do a deep clean until the next day.
  • You may work out as usual or cry but please rinse with water afterward
  • Avoid oil-based products (and those containing petroleum) near your eyes.
  • Moisturizing your eyelids will significantly reduce the lifespan of your lash extensions. Light eye cream on the under-eye area may be alright but let your lash tech know what product you intend to use.
  • Do not use waterproof eye makeup or mascara.
  • Do not rub or pick lashes.
  • Do clean lashes with a mild lash cleanser and a soft, fluffy brush (2-3x a week or as often as every day if you wear eye makeup or makeup on your eyelids) and right before your touch-up appointment. You will be given a lash cleanser and cleansing brush at your first appointment.
  • Recommended professional lash cleanser formulated for lash extensions is the Lash Cure.
    • Not cleaning your lashes can lead to serious infections such as blepharitis which can cause long-term damage to your root and premature shedding.
    • Not cleaning your lashes will result in poor retention as the dirt, oil, and makeup sitting on the adhesive will break it down faster.
    • Cleaning your lashes will improve your retention and improve the coverage your lash tech gives you! I will have more time to apply lashes (rather than cleaning them and working around dirt and makeup).
    • Your hair follicles need to breathe and build-up of sebum and flakes of skin are accelerated by wearing lash extensions. Getting into a habit of cleaning them often will avoid uncomfortable and dangerous infections.
  • Do brush lashes twice a day from the top (a few extensions may pop off – this is normal).
  • We shed 3-5 natural lashes a day so do not be alarmed if you see your natural lash fall out. They will be more noticeable with the extensions.
  • Do clean off all makeup every night using oil-free removers or toner on a q-tip. Be careful not to rub lashes as the fibers will get stuck! I wipe makeup off with a makeup wipe and then use the fluffy brush and lash cleanser to cleanse the eye area.
  • Don’t be afraid to get lashes sweaty or to swim or cry with them – just rinse them off when you have a chance.
  • Be careful to avoid extreme heat such as lighting cigarettes, cigars, etc., and the hot blast of air when you open an oven or barbecue.
    • If you blow-dry them only do so on the low, cool setting.
  • Prebook your 2-week touch-up as soon as possible – grown-out lashes will begin to twist if you wait too long and will be considered a full set.
  • Touch-up appointments are to be done at 2 weeks. Less than 40% remaining will be priced as a full set.
  • Touch-ups after day 21 are considered a new set.
JM' Aesthetica | Lips, Lashes, and Brows